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Pet Sitting
20 minute Potty Break: Want your pup to take a break from couch surfing and get out for some fresh air? A 20-minute potty break is the perfect solution. This allows your dog to get out and stretch their legs, take care of their business, and maybe even bark at a squirrel or two (if that's their thing). 

Our hour-long visits are great for dogs with lots of energy, and also those that need long periods of stimulation and interaction. Our walkers will be sure to rest and hydrate your dog throughout the entire adventure, keeping them comfortable and motivated. Ask about our upgrade to a hike!! 
Is your furbaby only happy sleeping by your side? We know many dogs and cats just can't sleep alone. Pooch Scoochers Sleepovers are a perfect option for owners or pets who feel more relaxed with a trusted sitter staying overnight. 

From belly rubs, to playtime, to a cozy late-night snuggle, we'll give your pet love and attention for as long as they want to stay up! We pledge to arrive by 7 pm and leave no earlier than 8 am. If you'd like us to stay longer that can be arranged. An additional afternoon visit is always recommended. 

*Due to increased demand, we're currently only able to offer this premium service to our ongoing dog walking clients.*

Have a cat? We love them too! 
40 minute leasurely walk: Gets your pooch out to explore all the smells, sights, and sounds of your neighborhood. For you, it means a happier, calmer dog when you arrive home at the end of a long day. For them, it's 40 minutes of doggie bliss.

A Little Kitty Love
We understand that cats need a different kind of love and attention. Whether playful or peaceful, your kitty will receive just the amount of attention they prefer. With a good cuddle and a full bowl of food and water, they'll stay perfectly pleased in our care! For cat sitting services, just let us know how often your cat would like some company. 
*Once daily visits are required at minimum.* 

 We always offer simple, straightforward pricing. No monthly packages required.